"What if that nothing is something and that something is dangerous?" - Briana to Peyton and Drew.

Briana Piper Trudeau is the second youngest daughter and eleventh child of the Next Generation of Charmed witches as well as the youngest daughter of Charmed One; Prue (Halliwell) Trudeau and whitelighter; Andy Trudeau. She is the baby sister of Tori and Drew Trudeau and the second youngest niece of Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews.

Like her cousin; Peyton, Briana is discovered to be a bright and powerful young witch and psychic with her showing such an intuition beyond her years making her seem powerful than even her Aunt Phoebe, as well as her telekinetic power that make her a force to be reckoned with. Like her siblings, and several of her cousins, Briana is also a witchlighter having inherited her powers from her witch mother and whitelighter father all of which make her an incredible witch. Additionally, Briana possesses the basic powers of a witch; the ability to cast spells, brew potions, and scry for lost objects or people.

At six years old, Briana, is currently in the First grade of Sunnyside Elementary school and is involved in a number of different activities inside and outside of school however due to her young age she has no idea what she wants to do when she finishes school.

Briana is a decedent of the Warren family line of witches dating back to Melinda Warren of the 16th Century.

History Edit

Pre-Birth Edit

Nearly two years after having Drew, Prue discovered that she was yet again pregnant when she began having dreams of her family, such as when Prue was growing up and such as when her sisters and her got their powers again causing her a lot of heartbreak as she could not see her sisters face to face nor could she summon her mother or Grams due to the fear that they would tell her sisters.

During her pregnancy, Prue had a ton of health scares, with her needing to be healed a lot, and it was also when Tori first go the powers to heal. Several times during the pregnancy, Prue believed that she was having a miscarriage however the baby was fine every time, however her fears for her baby caused for her to do some pretty magical stuff which quickly caught the attention of Grams' and her Mom. It was during this time that Briana managed to summon Grams and Patty and it was through this that Prue managed to get a little bit of her family back.

On the last month of Prue's pregnancy she was suffering from Toximia causing her to have to be bedridden, though Andy tried to help but was unable to use his powers to heal her, and neither had Tori. On the fifth of December 2012, Prue thinking something was wrong with baby and rushed to hospital with her Grams deciding to take care of Drew and Tori, while Andy met her at the hospital.

Early Life Edit

Briana Trudeau was born December 5, 2012 to Warren witch and Charmed One; Prue Halliwell and whitelighter Andy Trudeau at Boston General hospital, though Briana's birth was wrecked with devastation when the baby died. Prue being unable to deal with the death of her daughter called to the Angel of Death and summoned him to her. The angel of Death came to her and told her to accept what had happened, but being unable to accept losing her daughter, Prue finally contacted her Grams again and Grams told her the only way she may be able to save Briana is by the Charmed power. Prue then cast a spell on her sisters and using the power of four for the first time, Prue managed to bring her daughter back, but in doing so went against the Angel of Death, leading him to have an influence on Briana and her powers. Like with her older siblings; Briana's birth was kept a secret from the rest of her family though unlike her older siblings, Briana's birth seemed much more magical with her having her sister; Tori and her brother; Drew doting on her. As Grams had discovered the truth about Prue and her family, Briana was able to be given a joint Wiccaning with her siblings to celebrate all three into the Warren line.

Appearance Edit

Briana although looks like her mother largely resembles her great-grandmother; Penny Halliwell.

  • Hair: Briana has long and curly strawberry-blonde hair, that she had inherited from her great-grandmother and is the only one of the cousins with red hair and has always kept it long. She typically wears her hair at least partially pulled away from her face, and has a tendency to braid it up in a milkmaid style.
  • Appearance: In terms of appearance, Briana is a beautiful and very attractive young girl with pale skin, high cheekbones and her mother's almond shaped moss green eyes. She is a fairly thin and petite young girl standing at around 5'3" with an athletic build due to developing her fighting skills.
  • Wardrobe: Briana's style leans toward the very feminine, and she is nearly always seen wearing dresses or pencil skirts with dressy blouses and high heels or booties though she has recently started to wear shorts and jeans more often than dresses and skirts due to the fact that they're more practical, given that she may need to fight at any moment; despite this fact, she still prefers to wear boots rather than sneakers. She likes to keep her eye makeup to a minimum in favor of wearing bold colored lipstick, and occasionally wears thin chain necklaces or simple rings to accessorize. 

Personality Edit

Briana is a very blunt young woman whom focus on the materials a little more than she should as well as a little boy crazy despite only being six years old. In order to make friends and become popular at her new school, Briana presents herself as ditzy and self-absorbed. She has shown that she can be exploitive and manipulative with people though she has recently started to use this ability for the greater good and on meeting her cousin; Peyton Halliwell, whom she feels guilty for lying too, lets go of her mean girl facade, to show that she is a caring, supportive and understanding individual who will do anything for her friends and family, often displaying bravery and selflessness. 

Briana is also very perceptive with her being able to tell that her brother; Drew likes Christy and even that her cousin; Chris was getting involved with Bianca Nichols and is not afraid to tell people what she thinks as well as standing up for what she believes is right and not backing down. She is also a meta level genius, excelling at reading and her studies in a wide variety of subjects. As a result of her powers, she feels the weight of lying and secrets on both side and suffers a lot emotionally with it though she manages to put on a stoic, brave face, and determinedly pushes forward and later matures by overcoming her insecurities, becoming more confident and sensitive. With this benevolent new mindset, she naturally comes into her position as a member of the Power of twelve. 

With her natural intelligence and leadership skills, Briana often joins her brother in the role of being the detective and sleuth. She grows into her own as a selfless, caring person with a sense of duty and responsibility though despite her grief and suffering, Briana eventually learns to not only endure the multiple horrors and tragedies she experiences, but also grows from them to become a much stronger and creative young witchlighter. Briana is also a compassionate, intuitive and vibrant young girl, being a genuinely kind and supportive friend towards everyone in the family as well as other individuals who are similarly insecure or suffering as she previously was, such as when a girl was suffering from home sickness while at camp. She becomes more strong-willed and self-reliant, especially after being taught hand-to-hand from her parents, then gaining control of and weaponize herself.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Active Powers Edit

  • Sonic Scream: The ability to generate vocal sounds of such a high level it can be lethal or highly destructive.
  • Premonition: The ability to see and experience events from the past, present and future. 
  • Enhanced Senses: The ability to have extremely advanced senses.
  • Molecular Immobilisation: The ability to slow down molecules to the point that they freeze.
  • Empathy: The ability to feel, sense and understand other people's feelings and emotions. 
  • Telepathy: The ability to read/sense the thoughts of others. 

Whitelighter Powers Edit

  • Orbing: The ability to teleport oneself from one place to another with the use of orbs. Due to being part-whitelighter, Briana can naturally orb, and is able to go anywhere including places she has never been before. She is able to remote orb people form one place to another and  
  • Healing: The ability to heal the injuries and wounds of others. Due to being part-whitelighter, Briana is able to heal,   
  • Sensing: The ability to locate charges as well as the family. Due to being part-whitelighter, Briana is able to sense people,  
  • Cloaking: The ability to hide yourself or someone magically from others. Due to being part-whitelighter, Briana has the ability to cloak herself  
  • Glamouring: The ability to change one's appearance into the form of another. Due to being part-whitelighter, Briana has the ability to glamour her appearance,  

Basic Powers Edit

  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals. As a witch, Briana naturally has this ability
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions. As a witch, Briana naturally has this ability
  • Scrying: The ability to locate another person or object via a crystal and a map. As a witch, Briana naturally has this ability, and even uses Drew's computerised version of scrying.
  • Mediumship: The ability to see and commune with spirits of the dead. As a witch, Briana naturally has this ability, though as a witch of death this ability is heightened for her with her having a unique relationship with the dead, and able to summon them without a spell or candles.

Other Powers Edit

  • Power of Twelve: As the child of the Charmed Ones', Briana has a unique connection with her cousins, with them being able to sense each other, and each have a limited form of telepathy.
  • High Resistance: The ability to be more resilient to powers that could be potentially lethal.
  • Advanced Combat: As the child of a Charmed One, Briana has been trained to fight by her parents; Prue Trudeau, and Andy Trudeau.
  • Temporary Powers: As a witch and child of a Charmed One, Briana has temporarily been able to use abilities not belonging to them, due to either a spell or a transformation.

Professional Life Edit

  • School Student: Briana is currently a first grader at Sunnyside Elementary school in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California along with Peyton. As a student, Briana is seen as being incredibly smart although it is unknown whether her intelligence comes from her powers or if it is who she is. In the beginning while just starting out at a new school; Briana decided to dump herself in class though outside she has an impressive 4.5gpa which is found to be much higher than that of her cousin; Chris whom seems to rival her intelligence. Though Peyton quickly helps her get over that. Briana is the queen bee type with her being apart of the honor society, debate, cheerleading, track as well as being the first grade school president and due to Peyton's visions; it is found that she will be both valedictorian and prom queen in high school as well as earning a free ride to any ivy league school. At times, Briana still seems to fake her intelligence and does seem to get into a lot of trouble at school.

Relationships Edit

Peyton Halliwell Edit

Peyton is Briana's maternal cousin through their mothers as well as her best friend. From the moment they met at their first day at Sunnyside Elementary school; Briana and Peyton have practically become inseparable. With their friendship quickly growing close despite the secrets that Briana was hiding from Peyton, which due to her powers almost destroyed her. Briana helped Peyton adapt to her new life as an orphan and the bond between the two became just as close as a sisterly bond despite not having known each other very long.

After it is revealed that Briana is Peyton's cousin, at first Peyton is upset that Briana had lied and deceived her though their relationship didn't stay broken for long with the two quickly becoming friends again after saving one another from a demon attack. This proved that the two had an extremely close relationship as they are both willing to live and forget as long as they stay friends and sisters. It's found that whenever the other is having problems they go to the other in order to deal with everything. With the cousins sharing both a personal and magical connection with one another that seems impossible for most witches though despite this they do have their fights but Briana always knows that Peyton has her back.

Later after Prue has revealed herself the pair start to develop their relationship further in terms of magic with the two sharing very similar gifts and with them both quickly becoming more than what they are with Briana having visions of Peyton's past life as a French Warren witch named Astrid Bowen and her own as Astrid's cousin Helena Bowen, while Peyton began having visions of Briana's future in which she discovers that a future version of Briana encouraged and helped navigate a relationship with Peyton and Drew's best friend; Link.

Etymology Edit

  • Briana: The name Briana is Feminine form of BRIAN. This name was used by Edmund Spenser in 'The Faerie Queene' (1590). The name was not commonly used until the 1970s, when it rapidly became popular in the United States.
  • Trudeau: Trudeau is French from a pet form of the personal name Thouroude or perheraps Gertrude. A Trudeau from the Aunis region of France in documented in Montreal in 1666 with the variant Truteau.

Trivia Edit

  • Briana is the second youngest daughter and child of the next Generation.
  • Briana was named after her Warren ancestor Briana Bowen, a witch with the power of telekinesis which coincidentally she doesn't have, and was also named after her Aunt Piper.
  • Briana's favourite dessert is banana cream pie from a diner in Boston.
  • Briana has her appendix removed when she was five.
  • It is unknown if Briana is actually smart or if it was her powers that caused her to be so smart.